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Location Inventory

Need a way to keep track of inventory levels at various locations?

  • List your Locations & Products

  • Create/Track/Receive Orders

  • Weekly Inventory Reports

  • Stock Taking, Inventory Adjustments

  • Audit Overview

Other solutions would charge you $15/month/user

I'm offering the ability to copy a production-ready app for a flat fee of ($300 USD)

Albeit, the fee is high; but compared to a year's worth of license on other platforms for X number of users....

You're probably already paying for AppSheet licenses, so this one-time fee completely cuts out the entire cost of your current inventory tracking system.

After that, the app is yours to do with as you please

  • The app lives on your AppSheet account

  • The data is stored in your Google Drive

    • It's all yours from the beginning​

Coming Soon

The Fine Print


To be clear about what is being offered here, let me be specific about what I am NOT offering:

  • No Free Support/Troubleshooting assistance

  • No Upgrades/Changes to the app

  • No Ongoing Version Support

    • Though you will be granted access to any new version​s

    • It's up to you to make the copy, update your data source's columns (so they match the new data structure), and connect the new copy's tables to your tables.

    • Learn how here (coming soon)


  • Access/Copy permissions to a highly sophisticated AppSheet app

    • One built by a professional AppSheet app developer​ with over 6-years dedicated experience working with AppSheet - you may have seen some of my content? (^_^)

  • License to use this app as a ticketing system for your business

  • License to sell access to your app

  • License to create derivatives of this app, and sell access to those

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