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Story-Time with Ai

An exploration of collaborative storytelling with Ai

Story-time with Ai is an AppSheet app that allows the user to basically run a role-playing game, where Ai takes the place of the players - making all the decisions on what a character should do during their turn, what they should say, etc.

The resulting story was interesting to say the least, but all and all the experiment was a giant success!




When it comes to AppSheet...

MultiTech Visions has been at the vanguard of app-design and innovation since the beginning

Starting in 2016, MultiTech Visions has been assisting companies of all shapes and sizes to reshape how they work with their data. 


By utilizing the AppSheet platform, we help implement mobile-first strategies; revolutionizing how small businesses track their data, how research institutions conduct studies, how doctors communicate with front-line healthcare workers, and more...


AppSheet Explained, Deep Dives, Sample App Build Videos, and more

How to Force a Sync  ||  AppSheet Explained

How to Force a Sync || AppSheet Explained

There are many instances where you'll want to push data from a user into the cloud ASAP. To make this happen, there's a little bit of code you can throw onto the end of your deeplink formulas. THE MAGIC CODE: &"&at="&(NOW()+1) Forcing a sync is a great way to ensure that data from your users always get to the cloud; you can avoid data loss, errors, and having to use recovery mode simply by adding this step into the data collection process. Limitations |----------------------------- - You can only use this method with the following DeepLink formulas: -- LinkToRow() -- LinkToView() -- LinkToApp() ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previous Build Video |----------------------------- - This video shows how to take an app I built in a previous video, and upgrade it to include this "force sync" type of functionality. - See the original app build (Part 1) here: App Starting Point |----------------------------- - You can see the original app here: App Finishing Point |----------------------------- - You can see the resulting app here: Table of Contents |--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0:00 - Intro 0:46 - General Idea Overview 1:38 - STEP 1 - making the group action 2:56 - Force Sync 3:38 - STEP 2 - where to take the user 4:25 - STEP 3 - make the DeepLink action 5:16 - STEP 4 - adding the (force sync) code 6:04 - STEP 5 - completing the stack 6:41 - Testing things out (and a little psychology) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Schedule a 1-on-1 // // // Patreon // // // Merch // // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// For more information about MultiTech Visions, visit #CitizenDeveloper #AppSheet
Looping with Actions (in Under 2 Minutes)

Looping with Actions (in Under 2 Minutes)

A short video explaining how looping with Actions works in AppSheet in under 2 minutes. I have a sample app that demonstrates one way of accomplishing looping with actions, you can find it here: FYI: the method shown in this video differs from that inside the sample app. - In the app, instead of relying on the calculations for what's left to be done inside the actions, instead I build them out in virtual columns. I suggest that method, mainly due to some "in the weeds" technical details dealing with the type of the data - which can sometimes get lost when only doing the calculations inside the action. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BECOME a Patreon SUPPORTER - AppSheet Template Tables - Pro Tips - Advanced In-App Guides - iota ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --For quick/easy/awesome videos --App promo videos, product videos, commercials, etc. --and it helps support the channel! (If you use the link above, I get a small commission of your first purchase.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more information about MultiTech Visions, visit #CitizenDeveloper #AppSheet ****************************Music Credits ******************* Bossa De Link by The OneUps
Discussion about Importing Data into your AppSheet App

Discussion about Importing Data into your AppSheet App

Answer to the following AppSheet Community Question: - How can I efficiently move records from one table to another; copying data from one into another, then deleting the original records. - There's TONS of good information and learned lessons in this post, I highly suggest you take the time to check it out if you're working on implementing data importing into your app. This video largely centers around describing the difference between client-side vs. server-side in AppSheet; as well as the benefits of including a parent level over your Import_Preview table. -----| Table of Contents |----- 0:00 - Intro 1:30 - Client-Side action execution 3:33 - Server-Side action execution 6:40 - Data-Import Scenario Overview 8:29 - Import_Preview Parent Table 10:01 - Benefits of the parent level 11:42 - DATA SUBSET of error records 14:31 - Ending ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Schedule a 1-on-1 // // // Patreon // // // 15% off @ // Code: MULTITECH-15 // // Tip Jar // // // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// For more information about MultiTech Visions, visit #CitizenDeveloper #AppSheet #Patreon
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