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Story-Time with Ai

An exploration of collaborative storytelling with Ai

Story-time with Ai is an AppSheet app that allows the user to basically run a role-playing game, where Ai takes the place of the players - making all the decisions on what a character should do during their turn, what they should say, etc.

The resulting story was interesting to say the least, but all and all the experiment was a giant success!




When it comes to AppSheet...

MultiTech Visions has been at the vanguard of app-design and innovation since the beginning

Starting in 2016, MultiTech Visions has been assisting companies of all shapes and sizes to reshape how they work with their data. 


By utilizing the AppSheet platform, we help implement mobile-first strategies; revolutionizing how small businesses track their data, how research institutions conduct studies, how doctors communicate with front-line healthcare workers, and more...


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