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Story-Time with Ai

An exploration of collaborative storytelling with Ai

Story-time with Ai is an AppSheet app that allows the user to basically run a role-playing game, where Ai takes the place of the players - making all the decisions on what a character should do during their turn, what they should say, etc.


The resulting story was interesting to say the least, but all and all the experiment was a giant success!




When it comes to AppSheet...

MultiTech Visions has been at the vanguard of app-design and innovation since the beginning

Starting in 2016, MultiTech Visions has been assisting companies of all shapes and sizes to reshape how they work with their data. 


By utilizing the AppSheet platform, we help implement mobile-first strategies; revolutionizing how small businesses track their data, how research institutions conduct studies, how doctors communicate with front-line healthcare workers, and more...


AppSheet Explained, Deep Dives, Sample App Build Videos, and more

Introducing Appster GPT

Introducing Appster GPT ___________________________________________________________ Appster GPT is your AppSheet copilot, here to help you build your apps efficiently - yet with all the power that the platform can provide. It's been refined to suggest the efficient build methodologies promoted by Matt from MultiTech Visions, and has access to a knowledge base of all the resources and tools available from MultiTech Visions. Whether you're just starting off and want to know what's the best build practices, or how to implement some of the base functionalities... or if you're an advanced user looking to integrate your own custom Ai into an app you're building - Appster is here to help. ___________________________________________________________ OpenAi has opened up the ability to create a customized version of ChatGPT; naturally as soon as I was granted access I immediately started working. I already have a system that integrates GPT4 into a RAG system to help my supporters with their AppSheet endeavors, called the Answer Portal, but this is hosted inside an AppSheet app - which does not allow for live streaming of answers. This newer interface will allow for a more streamlined UX and give you an immediate reply. The only downside is that now it's a conversation between you and Appster, I can no longer join in and help push Appster in the right direction. For that, you'll need to sign up for secure access to the Answer Portal, where you can gain access to the original Appster - where I am also in the loop, so when Appster get's off the rails, I can point it back in the right direction. - #ChatGPT #AppSheet
Looping With Bots  |  Using the AppSheet API to create a bunch of child records

Looping With Bots | Using the AppSheet API to create a bunch of child records

In this tutorial, I'll guide you through an advanced yet incredibly useful feature of the AppSheet platform: using the API to create multiple child records with the aid of a START/END loop and a template table. - This technique will allow you to take a client side action loop you may have, and convert it to run server-side instead. This video makes use of a sample app of mine as a starting point; you can copy the app for free below (if you wish to play along at home). - KNOWLEDGE & TECHNIQUES INVOVLED: - START/END loop - [_thisrow-1] - Template Tables Table of Contents |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00:00 Start 01:30 Setting up the bot 02:56 API Body 05:30 The START loop 07:07 Dual-Context explanation 08:17 Setting the parent connection 09:50 Setting the specific item 11:09 Explaining the whole START/END loop 13:07 What you end up with ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Answer Portal // // // Merch // // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ๐Ÿ“Œ Stay Connected: Join our Answer Portal for personalized support and to access a wealth of AppSheet resources. Drop your questions and suggestions in the comments below! ๐ŸŽฏ Hit the Like Button if you find this tutorial helpful and Subscribe for more AppSheet tips and tricks! For more information about MultiTech Visions, visit #CitizenDeveloper #AppSheet
Take control over the 'Add' button | AppSheet Explained

Take control over the 'Add' button | AppSheet Explained

In this video I show how to take over the "Add" button for inline views with your own action and how you can restrict when child records are created; I was trying to answer the following: "Basically, I want to be add records to the child table only if the parent record has Active status, otherwise the โ€œnewโ€ button should not appear." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Help support the channel, donate through the link below! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting App |--------------------------------- Ending App |---------------------------------- ----------| Table of Contents |---------- 2:51 - Starting from the Order Capture sample app 4:02 - LINKTOFORM() 8:27 - Minor updates to the sample app (for smoother/safer functionality) 11:45 - Restricting when child records can be created (via Action restriction) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Schedule a 1-on-1 // // // Patreon // // // Merch // // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// For more information about MultiTech Visions, visit #CitizenDeveloper #AppSheet
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