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What is it?

Appster is an Ai assistant put together and managed by MultiTech Visions, with the expressed purpose of providing you with the best possible AppSheet advice.

What can it do?

Appster is built using state of the art GPT-4 generative Ai, allowing it to easily adapt on the fly, providing you with a natural language interface (NLI) where you can get direct answers to your AppSheet questions.


AppSheet Formulas

Appster is very good at AppSheet formulas

  • Troubleshooting

  • Adapting

  • Expanding or Reducing

  • Creating new formulas (even algorithmic ones!)

Build Advice

Appster has been shaped and it's answers guided by the build methodologies from MultiTech Visions

  • Current user system

  • Data subsets

  • Security Filters

  • No SELECT() functions (if we can)

  • etc.

Screenshot 2023-06-16 104651.png


One thing Appster is exceptionally good at is helping to simplify things.  If you've got something that's very complex, Appster can help make sense of this in a cohesive way and help you build a system efficiently

  • Table reductions

  • Column Simplifications

  • Process Optimization

  • So much more...

There are honestly dozens of things I could list here, stemming from the innate capabilities of GPT-4, all focused and centered around AppSheet app building - script advice, Google Sheets/Drive assistance, complex relational database design, chart building, UX & formatting guidance, etc. - but in the hope of keeping things direct, these are the 3 best capabilities.

The version of Appster in the Answer Portal is going to be the best version you can use, for various reasons:

  1. First and foremost: it's a conversation between you, Appster, AND ME

    • I keep an eye on the conversations of my paying supporters, to ensure Appster is always leading them in the right direction.

      • I'll regularly chime in when I feel Appster is deviating away from the answer.​

    • This also allows me to refine the instructions Appster follows, and will help me identify the areas of knowledge that I need to expand in the Resources & Tools section - allowing for a constant evolution of the assistant.

  2. It has more nuance inside the instructions

    • GPTs are restricted to 8k characters in their instruction set

      • GPT4-turbo (the model that powers Appster inside the Answer Portal) has a context window of 128k tokens!

    • With this increased window I'm afforded more space to work with for the instructions; this allows me to create numerous highly nuanced sections, each one covering certain aspects of working with the AppSheet platform.

      • The result is a significant increase in the answer quality, with less back and forth required in order to get to the gold.​

  3. It has access to the most recent Resources & Tools

    • While I do my best to maintain the resources that the ChatGPT version has access to, this lags behind sometimes as my schedule gets full.

      • The Answer Portal version will have all the newest Resources & Tool entries created in the past few days, further enhancing it's answering capabilities.​

    • The version inside the Answer Portal even lists the Resources & Tools it found that might help, allowing you to click on them and access their details directly in the Answer Portal​.

  4. Better control over Resource & Tool searching

    • Another helpful aspect of the Answer Portal version is that I have control over the process of the Ai searching through the Resources & Tools.

    • The GPT version only searches through the knowledge base document when "it thinks" it needs to...

      • Which sometimes doesn't happen, when it should.​

    • The Answer Portal version searches for Resources & Tools EVERY TIME - no matter what - greatly enhancing the quality of the answers.

Appster In The Answer Portal

Programmer in Server Room

Get Started

To get started using Appster follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a support tier Student or higher*

  2. Submit your payment

  3. Access the private Answer Portal

  4. Ask your questions


Since I don't have investors (which allows me the freedom to explore new projects like this) and it's just me here in my home office and there's a cost involved with every text generation completed by Ai - not to mention the cost of the dedicated AppSheet license for you to use the secure app - I cannot offer this service to the Wanderer support tier (or to my Patreon supporters).

  • $10/month is the cost of the AppSheet license alone

    • and while I'm not necessarily trying to make money on this at this stage, I'm not trying to lose money either. ​😉

Parallel Lines


Appster is still a prototype and a work in progress; it will sometimes provide bad answers not aligning with MultiTech Visions build methodologies (it loves brute force).  In an effort to combat that, and to keep an eye out for any hallucinations (which happen from time to time), for the time being MultiTech Visions will receive a copy of all responses generated and sent out by Appster.  If something is in error, Matt will chime in with the correct response via email - ensuring you receive nothing but the best response possible.


Final Thank You

First I want to thank everyone that's participated in the early alpha testing of Appster; your questions have significantly aided in refining the responses so they're very high quality.

And I want to thank YOU, for even considering giving Appster a try.  It's from the support of individuals like yourself that allow independent services and solutions like this to become a reality.

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