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USD $100 - $150 (per month)
  • Monthly 1 or 2-hr meetings

  • Learn the "Art Of The Possible" with AppSheet

  • Become a true power-user of the platform

Main Menu > Support Tiers > Apprentice

Up-Skill Yourself & Learn From A Proven Master

  • Get my eyes on your project

  • You can walk me through what you've got, what you're thinking

  • Get advice for how to future-proof your design

  • I can provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to move forward with your project

  • All aspects of your app can be covered:
      - from conception, to app retirement

Apprentice Portal

When you sign up for an apprenticeship, you gain access to additional resources inside the Answer Portal.

Topic Tracking

Never miss a meeting; get regular reminders to input topics for upcoming meetings

Meeting Minutes

Easily find the insights from our meetings; answers and reminders directly connected to your topics

Ai Assistance

Reviews of our meetings, future plans of actions, customized lesson plans (WIP)


You Pick The Day

Each apprentice is given the whole day for whatever day of the month (first Thursday, 3rd Monday, last Friday, etc.) they pick; this ensures there is little to interfere with our meeting.

How To Claim An Apprentice Slot
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