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Use TT iota to help you learn how to build apps on the AppSheet platform

Not only is TT iota fully functional and ready to go, but it's also built using the leading Best Practices from the AppSheet community, as well as having a data structure design for the highest efficiencies possible.

If you're looking for a good example of how to put together a really complex AppSheet app, then look no further. 


TT iota contains TONS of functionality, with dozens of common AppSheet build-methodologies used throughout the app.


The following functionalities and build-methodologies are included in this app

  • Industry standard data-structure 

  • Parent-Child references

    • Reverse references​

    • De-references

    • List de-references

    • Ref updates with actions

  • Current_User (Slice)

    • Admin/User/Client roles​

    • Security filters based on roles

    • Functionality/view filtering based on roles

  • Device specific views​

  • Auto-looping with forms

  • Background record creation

  • PDF creation

    • Nested <<START:>>​ expressions

    • <<IF:>> expressions

    • Sub-tables

    • Conditional formatting

  • Automated reminders

  • and more...

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  • Want to discuss how to upgrade or change things?

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