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App Audit

Points of Failure

A Point of Failure audit will show you the places inside your app where there is a potential for failure.  These can include:

  • Confusing Navigation Paths

  • Unwanted User Cancellation Points

  • Alterable Required Reference Connections

  • Missed "Locked Down" Elements

  • User Data Overwrites

  • Sync/Connectivity Issues

  • and more...


I've seen it all pretty much...

   Having been in the high-level AppSheet game since January 2016, I've played just about every role you can play when it comes to AppSheet apps.  I've built, assisted in building, helped redesign, and independently built all manner of apps with all kinds of functionalities.

This experience has taught me what to look for
in an app that can cause problems down the line. 


   Most of the things I've learned center around restricting the ability for general users to "mess with things" - because if you give them the ability, there will be one or two intrepid users that will want to play with things.  (Which can potentially cause problems... because they don't know what they're changing, how it affects other things down the line, etc.)


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