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OpenAi (Continued Conversation)

An app to allow similar interactions like ChatGPT

OpenAi (Continued Conversation)


This app allows you to recreate ChatGPT in an AppSheet app... sorta.

The primary functionality is centered around the idea of

  • Creating a continued conversation system,

  • This allows previous messages to continue forward, carrying the context of what's being talked about to carry forward.

This series consists of the following versions:

  1. OpenAi Convo - 1 - This establishes the base foundation

  2. OpenAi Convo - 2 - How to include "Starters" into the prompt you're sending to OpenAi

  3. OpenAi Convo - 3 - How to include "Supporting Info" into the prompt you're sending to OpenAi

  4. OpenAi Convo - 4 - How to include "chat syntax"

  5. OpenAi Convo - 5 - How to include PDF-based knowledge

More are possible
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