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When I set out to start using note parameters to build resources and tools related to AppSheet, I quickly found that I needed a way to organize all the things I was creating.

Also... working with note parameters brings with it A LOT of finnicky syntax (which MUST be correct 100%, otherwise everything breaks), so I also wanted a way to make all this simpler.

So I built an AppSheet app to do all this.


Price: $500

What you get:

  • A copy of the app

  • Initial 2 hr onboarding session

  • 1 hr follow-up session

    • 3 days later

  • 2 additional 1 hr follow-up sessions

    • you choose when

  • Access to a "change log"

    • details any updates made to the original app

      • which you can copy again, if you wish

    • contains any updated formulas you may need

What can I do with this?

The app that you will get a copy of is the same app I've used to make all the auto-tables you can find at; as well as the In-App Guides you can find in the AppSheet Community

All of those were built using the system that you can purchase here

It can do the following:

  1. Keep track of all your Apps, Tables, and Columns - in one place

  2. Define the specifics of columns​​

    1. Type​

    2. Column Name, Display Name, Description

    3. App Formula, Initial Value Formula

    4. Show if, Required if, Edit if, Valid if, Reset if, Suggested Values

    5. Reference Connection Specifics

    6. Type Specifics (number/decimal settings, etc.)

    7. etc. (every setting inside the column settings)

  3. Easily Setup Pages, Sections, and other SHOW elements

  4. Export your tables to a TEST TABLE for debugging

And best of all...

  • Re-Use Your Tables & Columns!!!

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