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1-on-1 Sessions

USD $75/hr

You've got specific questions, I've got specific answers. (^_^)  Schedule a video chat session and show me exactly what's causing the problem, and get step-by-step directions on how to implement X functionality in your app.


Save Time & Money - Get Direct Answers

  • We can meet through Google Meet (Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc.)

  • You can show me your app, walk me through how it works

  • Ask questions about how to do something

  • Get step-by-step instructions on implementing functionality

    • I'll literally walk you through it! (^_^)

  • You can record the session (or I can upon request)

How It Works

When you sign up, a Google Meet link will be included in the calendar entry created - we'll meet through that

  • FYI: I'm located in the Central US Timezone

Typically people will have a list of questions:

  • Problems they're struggling with; formula's they can't figure out; they want to understand how something works; they have functionality they'd like to add; etc.

Bring these with you, and be prepared to walk me through your app - through sharing your screen via Google Meet

We'll work our way through your list, one by one, and get things sorted

What To Bring With You

Payment Platforms Supported

  • PayPal

  • Stripe

Payment Strategies

  • 1-for-1

    • Some prefer 1-for-1 invoicing; one meeting = one invoice

  • Time Bucket

    • Others prefer to prepay for a "bucket" of time; we just keep track of our meeting times, and if you want to "refill the bucket" when it gets low - you can add more time we can continue things along

However you would like to manage your payment situation, I'm flexible

Payment Details


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