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The goal of my Patreon page is to provide people with top-tier content, without the price tag.  Whether you're just starting your AppSheet journey, or you've been at it for years and have a MONSTER app already built, my goal is to provide content for all levels of competency.

My hope

Since 2016, I've been privately assisting companies to implement AppSheet into their daily work flows, helping other AppSheet app builders enhance and upgrade their apps, and when I have a spare moment (and I'm not burnt out) I like to volunteer some time in the AppSheet community answering questions.

The "problem" with working for clients is that all the amazing functionality that I build into apps - things you see elsewhere in different types of software, that anyone building on AppSheet would LOVE to know - I can't share them; they were built for a paying client. 

  • Sure I could rebuild it, but I'm talking about systems that take 50+ hours to build.

It's my hope with the Patreon page that I can eventually get to a place where I don't have to rely on clients anymore to be financially stable - and instead the WORLD is my client. 

  • This way everything that I build is public (or at least for my supporters), and all that amazing functionality can be shared.

TT iota

A highly complex app that serves as an example of what's possible if you push the boundaries.

All of the following are included in one app:

  • CRM

  • Project Management

  • Time Tracking

  • Invoicing

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