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How To Create A Clickable Link To A Specific Record (for an AppSheet app)

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

AppSheet, External Links, Texts, Push Notifications, Emails


UPDATED: 3/16/23

If you're like me, eventually you'll want the ability to send someone a notification of some kind:

- An email

- A text

- A push notification itself

And you'll want an easy way for the recipient of that notification to get into the specific record you're dealing with. (Sometimes in a specific view too)

The Formula











All in one row for easy copying:



First: you'll want to replace all the placeholders with your actual bits; Then: when you're ready to use the formula, it's best to remove all the line breaks & spaces as well - smoosh it all together when you're actually gonna use it

  • But I find it helpful to leave things spread out like that while working on the formula; - it helps me see the various different elements that I need to work with to get things right

  • After I've got the formula working, then I'll go back through and remove all the spaces and stuff for when I actually want to use the formula wherever - (like in a text notification or email template)

  • FYI: This isn't necessary though, you can leave it spread out like this if you wish


The first parameter of that formula:


You can find this in the URL of your App editor, or the webapp.


The second parameter of that formula:


This is the name of the KEY column for your table

  • This value needs to be the exact string used for the KEY column of the table

Pro Tip: It's best to just copy the value - This way you get all special characters; less chance of mistakes - You wouldn't believe how much time is wasted because I typed in the text and made a typo


The third parameter of that formula:


This is the name of the VIEW in which you want to see the record

  • Again, it's best to just copy the name of the view

PRO TIP: for system views, there's a space towards the bottom, in the 'Behavior' section, where you can easily copy the name of the view all in one shot


The fifth parameter of that formula:


is the actual HYPERILNK TEXT you want visible


All together, they concatenate the actual URL needed to get someone to a specific record inside a specific view

  • When someone clicks on the link, they'll be taken directly to the record, inside the app if they're on a device with the AppSheet app installed, into whatever view you specified

  • This works for both the new Desktop UX experience, as well as legacy.



For more information about how you can apply further parameters to the URL (such as sorting & grouping [for tables and such], applying default values, and more) check out the post below

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